Scientific research publishing form

Announcement to publish research in Stardom peer-reviewed journals

To encourage the publication of peer-reviewed research, the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research/Department of Academic Research Journals at Stardom Istanbul University announces the continuation of publication through its peer-reviewed journals, which are issued quarterly and are as shown below.

  • Stardom Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies / ISSN2980/3780.
  • Stardom Journal of Social and Human Studies / ISSN 2980/3772.
  • Stardom Journal of Economic and Administrative Studies / International Deposit No. ISSN2980/3799.
  • Stardom Journal of Legal and Political Studies / ISSN2980/3764.
  • Stardom Journal of Islamic and Sharia Studies / ISSN 3810/2980.

We take this opportunity to invite readers, researchers, specialists, research centers, academic institutions, universities and colleges in all countries and countries of the world to provide us with their scientific and intellectual productions (in Arabic and English), provided that they are in accordance with the approved publishing rules, provided that the research has not been previously published. We affirm our commitment to taking Arbitration procedures in accordance with scientific standards, communication with researchers and their information on the arbitration stages and results.

The fee for publishing research in any of the above scientific journals is two hundred and seventy-five dollars ($275).

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