Stardom University Signs Academic Cooperation Agreement with ET Online College, Ethiopia

On March 7, 2024, Stardom University took a significant step to enhance the quality of its offered programs and expand its international collaboration by signing an academic cooperation agreement with ET Online College in Ethiopia, accredited by the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency.

This partnership provides an additional value for Stardom University students, as they will receive additional accreditation from the educational authorities in Ethiopia, thus enhancing their competitiveness. This initiative is in line with Stardom University’s commitment to providing exceptional and innovative educational services within the framework of globalization and academic competition. We continuously strive to elevate the quality of our educational services and develop our offered programs to meet the evolving needs of the labor market competitiveness. This objective can only be achieved through fruitful partnerships. Therefore, this agreement represents a step towards obtaining additional academic accreditations, enabling students to compete not only in African markets but also in global markets.

We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial for both universities and will contribute to building a qualified and distinguished generation of graduates.

If you wish to apply to our university, you can visit the registration page by clicking here.

We look forward to a bright future filled with successes and achievements through this fruitful partnership.

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