President's Message

On behalf of myself and my honorable colleagues, I would like to welcome you to Stardom University, which is considered a leading figure in the field of academic and professional education. Also, serve the community and become a role model of excellence to be followed by higher education institutions.

As the leader of this prestigious scientific institution, I’m honored to be a part of it and committed to promoting its mission of providing students with pioneering education that is compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals, this will help equip our students with science and modern knowledge that will prepare them for the world’s greatest challenges, in addition to preparing them for the rapidly changing world.

The university also seeks faculty members with distinguished scientific and practical abilities that will contribute to supervision and provide the highest levels of quality in teaching, research and vocational training. This will benefit all ages and sectors, which will have a positive effect on society and the advancement of the nation.

Here, I can attest that our invaluable gift to our students is what Stardom University has taken as an unprecedented, distinguished, and unique approach to combining academic knowledge with professional international certifications during the study phase at the university, these professional skills are then distributed to academic programs in all of Stardom University’s majors during the students’ study time, this will contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the necessary technical skills to achieve the labor market’s requirements.

Dr. Mohamed Hasan Jaber

April 2023

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