Visual Communication and Design Department

The visual communication and design major is concerned with creating interactive computer environments, either enhanced for the real world, or fully digital and immersive for the user, in addition to creating intelligent simulated environments, using smart and advanced systems and technologies. Which made it a promising field for building applications and services that can make the lives of individuals and institutions better and easier, through the process of integrating virtual and enhanced environments in several industries such as health care, advertising, tourism, entertainment, construction, games, education, and space industries.

As a result of the rapid development in the uses of virtual and augmented reality and the anticipated need of the local and regional market for the competencies of its trainer in this field, the Faculty of Information Technology at Stardom University has launched a specialization in visual communication and design in order to supply the technical market with graduates holding a bachelor’s degree who are able to design and develop virtual reality environments, and are skilled in programming Computer tools and applications of virtual and augmented reality to serve their communities. The study system in Visual Communication and Design major at Stardom University is based on credit hours, with 138 credit hours in both Arabic and English.

Fees : $1600 per semester

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