Business Administration Department

The Department of Business Administration is one of the first departments to offer its program in the College of Business Administration. The department was inspired by the vision of the college stemming from the vision of Stardom University, which seeks to be the best choice for learners in the region.

The department grants a bachelor’s degree in business administration in two tracks, Arabic and English, and grants a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), based on study  plans that are constantly updated to keep pace with the developments of the times and its requirements in various fields. The department also works to provide a scientific, cultural, and social environment that is capable of providing the educational and research process within a framework that supports the values ​​of the university and is capable of developing skills and creating a spirit of creativity and excellence among students and workers in order to prepare qualified graduates to work locally and globally in many and varied fields and within broad horizons through their ability To learn and think critically and creatively, armed with all the knowledge, knowledge and skills they need to compete and excel in the labor market.

Fees : $1600 per semester

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